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Geotechnical Engineering projects include monitoring and directing site exploration (boring) programs, laboratory testing and written recommendations for design and construction of buildings, structures, roadways, underground utilities, residential and commercial development.



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Geotechnical Analysis

We conduct geotechnical analysis and provide recommendations for slope stability (SLIDE), settlement estimates (Fessa), earth pressures, sheeting recommendations, forensic investigations including retaining walls and slope protection.  Consideration of alternate designs for structure support including ground improvement applications.

Foundation Design & Recommendation

We are happy to provide foundation design and construction recommendations for your planned home construction and addition.  Evaluation includes soil and groundwater conditions and recommendations for foundation type, foundation design and construction including conventional shallow depth and deep foundations; piling, aggregate piers, drilled piers and caissons.


Roadway Geotechnical Reports (RGR)

Soil exploration and reports in accordance with Illinois Department of Transportation Geotechnical Manual. RGR for existing or planned roadway alignments. Includes structure borings along the alignments, soil profile drawings, pavement cores in existing pavements, evaluation of subgrade soil strength, engineering classification of soil, remedial treatment recommendations, pavement design parameters and structure borings for culverts, retaining walls, lighting and traffic structures.


Structure Geotechnical Reports (SGR)

Structure borings and evaluation of foundation conditions for structure foundations, bridge cone embankments, earth retention systems, noise wall foundations, box or three sided culverts. Preparation of SGR in accordance with IDOT Bridge Manual, Culvert Manual, Geotechnical Manual and other acceptable practices.

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CCDD Certification

Provide certification of clean construction demolition debris as dictated by IEPA Form LPC 663 for disposal of materials from commercial/industrial sites.

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Footing Inspection

The inspection of soils excavated to the planned foundation depth includes an overview of soil mapping, physical examination and testing to determine strength and stability for foundation support. Written report prepared in duplicate to leave on jobsite for inspector prior to concrete placement. Schedule day prior to examination if possible.

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