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Construction Materials Testing services are provided by qualified Engineering Technicians under the direction of Professional Engineering management. Services included monitoring and testing earthwork operations, field and production plant inspection and testing Bituminous and PC Concrete construction, monitoring utility installation, monitoring and testing foundation, structure and building construction. Construction services assignments are controlled and monitored using Fleetmatics® live fleet vehicle tracking system.




Quality Assurance

Our experienced staff provides construction materials testing and inspection services for our clients including Phase III Resident Engineering firms; Governmental Agencies including state, county, city, village and townships in the greater Chicago and northwestern Illinois area. Services include field and production plant testing; split sample testing of concrete, hot mix and soils; oversight of construction operations; monitor QC test procedures, preparation of DOT forms; field and production plant testing.

Commercial & Industrial Development

Verification of foundation support soils, deep foundations, shallow depth foundations, structure concrete, slab on grade, reinforcing steel, structural steel, bolted connections, welded connections, masonry, fireproofing, roof decking, paint thickness, caulking, floor flatness.

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Quality Control

Our experienced staff is also available to provide construction materials testing and inspection services for contractors as part of their Quality Control Program. We will also prepare formal Quality Control Plans and provide oversight for your project.


Residential Development

Monitor site development, erosion control, groundwater control, mass earthwork, placement structure and embankment fills; utility installation, backfill; subgrade preparation, proofroll inspection, remedial treatment recommendations; curb and gutter inspection pavement construction and footing inspection.

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Roadways & Infrastructure

Review mix designs and submittals. Inspection of producer facilities. Jobsite inspection and laboratory testing for acceptance of materials and construction. Rolling patterns, nuclear gauge correlation, vibrator speed, paver speed, concrete and HMA segregation, mix temperatures, adherence to material and construction specifications.

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Full Depth Reclamation (FDR)

Cold In Place Recycle (CIR)

Provide Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance

(QA) services to monitor construction operations

Including, moisture determination; gradation, treatment

Depth, application rate, growth curve (CIR), compaction

and stiffness (FDR) before and after stiffness.


Stabilization & Modification

Monitor operations to stabilize subgrade or as part of mass earthwork operations.  Provide recommendations regarding types of additives, treatment rate, and adherence to mix design if applicable.  Field testing to verify compacted density and stability by proof roll inspection and Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) or Stiffness Gauge testing to determine subgrade IBV/CBR.

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